Wrekmeister Harmonies – we love to look at the carnage cd/lp

 16,90 32,90 incl. btw

Bij vlagen hoog Nick Cave gehalte op de nieuwe Wrekmeister Harmonies.
‘We Love to Look at the Carnage the 5th album by Brooklyn’s Wrekmeister Harmonies. The album was tracked in a cabin in the woods and mixed with Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans) at his BC Studios. Wrekmeister Harmonies, known for their large ensemble performances and intense recordings, create immense tension with spare arrangements and instrumentation. We Love to Look at the Carnage charts a restless journey beginning in the middle of the night and ending in the wee hours of the morning.’
Klinkt goed. Luister de plaat op bandcamp.

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