Wild Billy Childish and the Chatham Singers – kings of the medway delta cd/lp

Deze keer weer een bluesplaat van de onvermoeibare Billy Childish. Take it away, Billy: “’I’ve been making blues recordings since the early 1980s. We’ve made a few Chatham Singers LPs over the years and I’ve been meaning to record another and just got round to it. I was listening to Slim Harpo (‘Got Love If You Want It’) in a cafe, Jim from Ranscombe Studios was having a coffee and I said ‘this is a great song, we should try to get that echo chamber going.’ Next day he said he’d been messing with it and I said ‘right, let’s record!” Zo gezegd, zo gedaan en hier is het resultaat. Hier nog een nummer, een onherkenbare bluesversie van zijn eigen All My Feelings Denied.

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