Tropical Fuck Storm – deep states cd/lp

 16,90 29,90 incl. btw

Voor het eerst op Joyfull Noise Records.
‘These are songs as experiment, advancing and retreating at their own idiosyncratic, deeply unsettling pace. They hang on the slant beat and slide into jazzy, distortion-packed jams so tumultuous they’d make Charlie Mingus proud. Musically, Deep States goes wherever it wants, riffing on pop, R&B, Talking Heads-style new wave, Delta blues, Tom Waits, and some of the band’s hip-hop favorites such as Wu-Tang Clan and Missy Elliot. Barriers aren’t just broken, they seem to have completely fallen away.’
Nog niet veel bekend verder maar hier is alvast een nummer.
Cd verwacht rond 20 augustus, het vinyl komt pas in november helaas.

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