Tim Maia – racional vol 1 lp

Reissue van Braziliaanse cultplaat uit 1975.
‘At the height of his musical career, Maia went on to join a radical, extraterrestrial obsessed cult in 1974. The 32-year-old Maia and his band retired to a house in a secluded section of Rio de Janeiro and spent their days smoking marijuana and experimenting with hallucinogens while working on new material.
Gone was the accessible pop music he’d been known for, his usual romantic and party-oriented lyrics replaced by devotional verses. Tim Maia had conceived a new sort of lunatic gospel music rife with sci-fi imagery and relentless evangelism. “Read the book, the only book!” was Tim’s mantra, repeated dutifully on every track. Clearly, he was obsessed, but whatever dubious logic and deception were behind it, the end result is astonishing. And what an album it is!’

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