Stop The War – Vietnam Through The Eyes Of Black America 1965-1974 – v/a cd

 14,90 incl. btw

Eindelijk een derde deel van deze prachtige Ace serie met Vietnam gezien door de ogen van zwart Amerika.
‘We feel that the 23 tracks here more than uphold the high standard of its predecessors – “A Soldier’s Sad Story” (CDKEND 226) and “Does Anybody Know I’m Here” (CDKEND 245).
“Stop The War” contains many highly significant musical statements on various aspects of the conflict, from shipping out to coming home. Even though the Vietnam war has been over for almost half a century it’s still possible, through these songs, to feel the frustration, anger and sadness that many Americans felt towards a conflict that lasted far too long and claimed far too many lives on both sides. Annotated and illustrated as copiously as you would expect a prestige Kent project to be, “Stop The War” is a fitting and forthright finale to a trilogy that has been extremely gratifying to bring you.’

Meer info + tracklisting op de Ace site.

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