Ron Everett – glitter of the city lp

Reissue op Jazzman in hun ‘holy grail’ serie. En wel #100 omdat ze het zo’n bijzondere release vinden.
‘As records in our ‘Jazzman Holy Grail’ series go, the magnificent ‘Glitter of the City’ by Ron Everett bears all the hallmarks as being one of the most coveted of all. Indeed, we value this album so highly that we specially reserved the Jazzman catalogue number of #100 to mark its significance.
Original copies of the LP are incredibly hard to find, even on the streets of Philadelphia from where it originated. Released in 1977 on a shoestring budget with a b/w xerox glued onto a plain white cover, the LP was never going to amass great sales. Add to the fact that it was a jazz album and sold literally from the street corner by Ron himself – it’s surprising that any were sold at all.
Ron Everett made his album a deep, personal celebration of his hometown, with its vibrant musical community and heritage, and created an absorbing selection of funky jams, sweet jazzy soul and all manner of funk & blues infused jazz.
For the first time since its release we bring you an official reissue with restored artwork and audio. Our illustrated liner notes tell the life story of Ron Everett, as researched by respected Philadelphia music pro Dave ‘Philly Dave’ Brown and his interviews with Everett family members and the surviving musicians on the album. What’s more, we’re thrilled to include 3 extra bonus tracks taken from an unreleased master reel of a subsequent album which we discovered while researching the project. It really doesn’t get any better than that!’

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