Hurdy Gurdy Songs – Words & Music By Donovan 1965-1971 – v/a cd

 17,90 incl. btw

Ace cd met liedjes geschreven door Donovan, uitgevoerd door anderen. Wellicht te vaak een beetje onderschat als liedjesschrijver, die Donovan. Maar hier dus het bewijs geleverd dat die liedjesschrijverij hem doorgaans prima afging. ‘A kaleidoscopic trip into the craft of one of the most covered and influential songwriters of the 60s. Features eclectic readings of hits and deep cuts, including some never recorded by Donovan himself. It can’t have been easy being Donovan. The Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist lurched from popularity to neglect and back again following the first five years of his career – the golden period we celebrate on “Hurdy Gurdy Songs”. The body of work he wrote and recorded during this time has become one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful of any artist of the era, and continues to attract new listeners and demand constant reappraisal; proof beyond doubt that Donovan – the self-styled Sunshine Superman and psychedelic minstrel whose records coloured the late 60s pop landscape like few others – was one of a kind.’ Voor de tracklisting even naar de Ace site.

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