Goodbye, Boys, Goodbye! Girl Pop Gems: obscure & unreleased 1963 – 1967 – v/a cd

Het Australische Teensville label brengt met grote regelmaat hele interessante cd’s uit. Dit is er ook weer zo eentje, met grotendeels zeer obscure girlgroup nummers. ‘A jam-packed collection of 35 rare, obscure and unreleased songs sung by females. Lavish production, romantic lyrics and heartfelt vocalism wrapped in two-minute bouquets. Includes unreleased tracks by Lynette West, Ellie Greenwich, Peanut, Bernadette Peters and Jean Thomas. The CD is presented with a full-colour 20 page booklet featuring liner notes, annotations and historic photographs.’
Hier het titelnummer. Hier een nummer van éne Tracy.

1. Margie Mills – Goodbye, Boys, Goodbye

2. Lynette West – To Be With Him

3. Ellie Greenwich – Oh, What A Night

4. Lady Lee – My Whole World (Seems To Be Tumbling Down)

5. Metrogene Myles – Some Tears Fall Dry

6. The Loved Ones – It’s Not Gonna Take Too Long

7. Dawn – How Can I Get Off This Merry Go Round

8. The Lavells – Mixed Up Girl

9. Sherri Weine – Don’t Forget

10. Cindy Malone – Watch What You Do With My Baby

11. Lynette West – This Is Where I Came In 

12. Maria Kane – Love Is Slipping Away

13. Jean Thomas – Too Young To Be Yours

14. Stevie Lewis – Wild

15. Unknown – That Boy There

16. Ellie Greenwich – I Gotta Go Now

17. Dale Brooks – Reminds Me Of You 

18. Linda Brannon – Funny Face

19. Jan Burnnette – Let Me Make You Smile Again

20. Jamie Carter – The Memory of Your Voice

21. Lynette West – Boy, Let Me Tell You One Thing

22. Tina Robin – It’s Too Late Now

23. Pam Dickinson – Say Cheese

24. The McGuire Sisters – Troubled Mind 

25. Peanut – Two Four Six Eight

26. Linda Rae – Look For The Rainbow

27. Hillary Hokom – Can’t Let You Go

28. Tracy – Don’t Hold It Against Me

29. The Violetts – He’s So Good To You

30. The Loved Ones – Diggin’ You

31. Janie Grant – There Ain’t No Party Tonight

32. Lady Lee – Girl

33. Darlene Terri – Snow Man

34. Lynette West – If She Doesn’t Want You

35. Bernadette Peters – You’re Putting Me On

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