Doug Tuttle – pinecone mlp

 16,90 incl. btw

Bijzonder fraaie mini lp op het Italiaanse Wild Honey label van Doug Tuttle, ooit in de band Mmoss. Maakte al meerdere mooie platen maar ook een paar mindere. Deze mini lp doet ons weer behoorlijk denken aan zijn mooiste werk. Mooie jangly popwerkjes die hij in 2020 allemaal in zijn thuisstudio opnam.
‘As the uncertain landscape outside frayed and unraveled, Tuttle turned his task towards songwriting constructed around stripped-down melodies and simple, self-soothing repetition. Like a half-recalled tune that sticks in your head or a mantra meant to focus the mind, each of these five songs is steeped in the nostalgic remembrance of better times set against a wobbling, unreliable reality.
At times adrift in cyclical jangly pop, affected piano and sun-blistered guitar or thoroughly steeped in wavering, grief-laden guitar slide Pinecone EP feels comfortably well-worn from back and forth pacing, or rubbed smooth like a worry-stone carried in the pocket.’

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