Cut Worms – nobody lives here anymore cd/2lp

 16,90 25,90 incl. btw

Begint een betrouwbare band te worden, met op elke plaat een mooie mix van ‘chiming guitars, honky tonk pianos, and Telstar organs’. Grotendeels ingetogen en sobertjes qua sfeer. Niks echt opwindends maar wel heel lekker sfeertje. ‘Every tune here earns its place in the hefty tracklisting, Songs that are consistently fresh, interesting, and impassioned, think misty-eyed Merseybeat, warbly country, and downtempo doowop as filtered through the softest of psychedelic filters, like a photograph faded by 50 years worth of sunlight. Soft touches of honky tonk piano, ghostly slide guitar, and gentle organs feel organic rather than tacked on, allowing Clarke’s golden vocals to take center stage as he croons his tender-hearted songs of love and loss.’ Dat schreven ze bij bandcamp. Op Jagjaguwar. Luister de plaat op bandcamp.

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