Clinic – wheeltappers and shunters cd/lp

 15,90 26,90 incl. btw

Eerste plaat in zeven jaar van deze Engelsen.
“Clinic’s most obvious antecedents, at least spiritually, might be the phantasmagorical, psilocybin-fuelled visions of the northwest offered up on the Fall’s early albums, or the work of the Blue Orchids, the band formed by former Fall members who boasted their music was “completed under extraneous influences working on the psyche”. But their sound stirs garage rock, primitive synthesiser experiments, dub and glam, among an array of other influences, into a fizzing, idiosyncratic mix: two tracks on Wheeltappers and Shunters are driven by the kind of antiquated drum machine pattern that powered Blondie’s Heart of Glass, while DISCIPLE offers a fair imagining of what Suicide might have sounded like, had they come from Bootle’, the Guardian in een vier sterren recensie.
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