Nieuw Binnen op 31 oktober (Halloween!)

Blues Traveller -north hollywood
Born From Pain – survival
Bowie, David – Glass Spider live (cd versie)
Carrack, Paul – I know that name
Cooder, Ry – anthology – the UFO has landed
Eagles of Death Metal – heart on
Emmanuel, Tommy – center stage (dvd)
From the Basement – v/a (oa Radiohead/ white stripes/ sonic youth/ shins etc)
Gamma Ray – hell yeah – the awesome foursome (als 2cd en als 3dvd)
Jager, Marike – celia trigger
Lacuna Coil – visual karma (dvd)
Razorlight – slipway fires
Satyricon – age of nero (2cd)
Staples, Mavis – live -hope at the hideout
Turisas – a finnish summer (dvd)
Weller, Paul – at the BBC (2cd en als dvd)
ZZ Top – live from Texas

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