Nieuw Binnen op 28 maart

Acid Mothers Temple – never ending space ritual (2dvd)
American Folk Blues vol 1/ vol 2 (dvd)
Black Keys – attack and release mp3’s
Dirtbombs – plays sparks (7″ vinyl) mp3
Dream Theater – greatest hits and 21 other (2 nwe nummers)
Germans – cape fear
Gilbert, Paul – silence followed by a deafening roar
Gnarls Barkley – odd couple
Ill Nino – enigma (ltd ed)
Kaizers Orchestra – maskineri
Kamelot – ghost opera reprise
Killdeer, Phoebe – weather’s coming (Nouvelle Vague zangeres)
Kreator – at the pulse of kapitulation (dvd + cd_
Lair of the Minotaur – war metal battle masters mp3
Limp Bizkit – rock in the park 2001 (cd + dvd)
Mink De Ville – live at Montreux 1982 (dvd)
Moby -last night
Motorpsycho – little lucid moments (cd en vinyl)
Opeth – still life (cd + dvd-a)
Parton, Dolly – backwoods barbie
Pearl Jam – touring band 2000 (dvd)
Radiohead – nude (7″ vinyl / cd single)
REM – accelerate
Santana, Carlos – plays the blues at Montreux (dvd)
Satriani, Joe – professor satchafunkilus (ltd ed)
She & Him – volume one (M  Ward + actrice Zooey Deschanel; zeer geslaagd!) mp3
Sly & the Family Stone – fresh  (vinyl)
Sly & the Family Stone – stadn (vinyl)
Strapping Young Lad – 1994 – 2006 chaos years (dvd + cd)
Whiskeytown – stranger’s almanac (2cd)
Zita Swoon – big blueville

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