Nieuw Binnen op 22 februari

Anderson/ Wakeman/ Bruford – an evening with the music of Yes
Anno X – 10 years of Scarlett Records – v/a
Ascension of the Watchers – numinosum
Baxter, Tom – skybound
Biomechanical – cannibalised
Braindrill – apocalyptic feasting
Burn to Shine 5: Seattle – v/a (dvd)
Claw Boys Claw – nipple
Claw Boys Claw – will-o-the-wisp (re-rel met bonustracks; midprice!)
Claw Boys Claw – nipple (re-rel met bonustracks; midprice!)
Claw Boys Claw – sugar (re-rel met bonustracks; midprice!)
Collett, Jason – here’s to being here (van Broken Social Scene)
Dark Suns – grave human genuine
Dirtbombs – we have you surrounded (lp/cd; op In the Red)
Goldfrapp – seventh tree
Hate Eternal – fury and flames (vinyl)
Higgs, Joe – life is a contradicion (op Pressure Sounds)
Los Campesinos -hold on now youngster mp3
Lowe, Nick – jesus of cool (met 10 bonus tracks!)
More Dirty Laundry – v/a (op Trikont)
Nelson, Willie – moment of forever (op Lost Highway)
Rotten Sound – cycles
Throw me the Statue – moonbeans
Triggerfinger – what grabs ya? (op Excelsior)
Yorke, Thom – eraser remixes # 3 (vinyl)

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