Nieuw Binnen op 13 juni

After Forever – prison of desire (re Plus bonus)
Alan Freed Rock & Roll Dance Party (Ace)
A-Square (Off Course) – v/a (sixties; op Ace)
Burke, Solomon – like a fire
Burning Brides – hang love
Cheap Time – s/t (vinyl; goeie seventies punk op In the Red!) mp3
Clark, Claudine – ask the girl who knows (Kent)
Claw Boys Claw – shocking shades of (debuut eindelijk opnieuw uit!)
Coldplay – viva la vida or death
Howlin Rain – magnificent fiend (vinyl)
In the Naked City – v/a (Kent)
Infadels – universe in reverse
Judas Priest – nostradamus (meerdere versies)
Malkmus, Stephen – gardenia (7″  vinyl)
Mostly Autumn – glass shadows (goeie progrock)
My Brightest Diamond –  a thousand shark’s teeth (vinyl)
Nine Pound Hammer – sex drugs and bill monroe (vinyl)
Offspring – rise and fall, rage and grace
Pollard, Robert – is off to business (Guided By Voices man) mp3
REM – hollow man (2 track cd single)
Rose Tattoo – blood brothers (luxe tour editie)
Silver Jews – lookout mountain, lookout sea mp3
Sloan, PF – here’s where I belong (op Ace)
Spock’s Beard – live (dvd)
Thee Oh Sees – the master bedroom mp3
Vader – XXV
Venom – hell (vinyl)
Ween – pure guava (re-release)
White, Tony Joe – deep cuts
Wilson, Dennis – pacific ocean blue (2cd) mp3

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