Nieuw Binnen op 12 oktober

Blackfield – NYC (dvd)
Bloody Honkies – the gospel of
Fish – communion
de Groot, Boudewijn – live in de lage landen (dvd)
Hives – black and white album (14,90) mp3
Hundred Reasons – quick the world, sharp the action
Jimmy Eat World – chase this light
Kingfisher Sky – hallway of dreams (ex-Within Temptation)
Miss Georgia Peach – you blow my mind (7″; met Nashville Pussy)
Moonspell – under satanae
Moore, Gary – the definitive Montreux collection (dvd)
Murphy, Roisin – overpowered (Moloko zangeres) mp3
Myracle Brah – can you hear the myracle brah?
Ojos De Brujo – techari live
Popa Chubby – deliveries after dark
Private Dicks – homelife (vinyl; seventies punkrock)
REM – live (2cd + dvd)
Richmond Fontaine – $87 and a guilty conscience (mini)
She Wants Revenge – this is forever (14,90) mp3
Stevie Ann – closer to the heart
Thin Lizzy – live and dangerous (dvd deluxe)
Thrice – the alchemy index mp3
Turisas – varangian way (vinyl + cd)
Underworld – oblivian with bells

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