Nieuw Binnen op 12 januari

Black Panties – the future (7″ op Windian. ‘4 raging punk anthems featuring Black from Lumpy & The Dumpers’.)
Pleasers – reject teen (7″; ‘Catchy and poppy single from this project by Matthew Melton from Warm Soda. 500 copies with glue pocket sleeves’).
Brown Acid – v/a (lp weer binnen)
Silver Scrolls – tiny reasons(7″;’DAVE and BRIAN from POLVO, wouldn’t sound out of place on a Polvo record. Edition of 300 copies.)
Sugar’s Delight – v/a (lp; ‘Cuban rhythms with a danceable and rhythmic component’.)
Timmy’s Organism – wild humanoid (7″, op Urinal Cake)
Together Pangea – the phage (eindelijk betaalbare vinyl versie)

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