Nieuw Binnen op 11 juli

Absolute Funk vol. 5 – v/a (killer funk!!)
Always Something There – a Burt Bacharach Collectors Anthology – v/a (Ace)
Balla et Ses Balladines – syliphone years (2cd)
Collier, Mitty – shades of (Kent)
Golden Age of American Popular Music: the Jazz Hits – v/a (Ace)
Modey Lemon – season of sweets (cd en op vinyl)
Pedro Delgados – do it like that (Check 1-2 leden go Hackensaw Boys!)
Rail Band – belle opoque vol 2 (2cd)
Santogold – s/t (vinyl)
Smith, Patti & Shields, Kevin – the coral sea (2cd)
Twilight Sound System – vocal anthology vol 1

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