Nieuw Binnen op 1 februari

Avantasia – the scarecrow (vinyl)
Black, Mary – live at the Royal Albert Hall (dvd)
Burial Trio -wvrm (10 ” vinyl)
Burning Witch – crippled lucifer (2cd)
Chrome Hoof – pre- emptive false rapture (vinyl)
Claw Boys Claw – pajama days
Clayton, Lee – border affair: the Capitol Years (2cd)
Crematory – prey
DeVille, Willy – pistola
Farewell – isn’t this supposed to be fun! (epitaph) myspace
Hamel, Tim van – welcome to the blue house (van oa Millionaire)
Heaven Shall Burn -iconoclast (ltd ed cd + dvd)
Horrorpops – kiss kiss kill kill (cd/ vinyl) myspace
Hot Chip – made in the dark mp3
Iron Maiden -live after death (2dvd)
Kravitz, Lenny – is is time for a love revolution? (cd + dvd)
Lang, K.D. – watershed
Mitchell, Joni – painting with words and music (dvd)
Morcheeba – dive deep
Nada Surf – lucky mp3
Nes, Silje – ames room mp3
Rios, Gabriel – angelhead/ morehead
Sons and Daughters – this gift (vinyl)
Springfield, Dusty – live at the Royal Albert Hall (dvd)
Thao – we brave bee stings and all mp3
Trenches – boomball
Wright, Lizz – orchard
Xiu Xiu – women as lovers mp3

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