Nieuw binnen dinsdag 10 juli/woensdag 11 juli

Blackberry Smoke – whippoorwill (vinyl ressue, gekleurd vinyl, 2lp)
Bodega – endless scroll (lp)
Bowie, David – Christiane F (lp op gekleurd vinyl)
Bowie, David – in Bertold Brecht’s Baal (10 inch vinyl)
Buffalo Springfield – what’s that sound? (5cd box op Rhino. Slechts €23,90)
Dawes – passwords (2lp. ltd ed)
Disques Debs International Volume One – v/a (cd en 2lp op Strut, werk uit Guadeloupe)
Ernesto Chahoud Presents Taitu: Soulfuelled Stompers From 1960s (3lp op BBE)
Immortal – northern chaos gods (lp)
James, Jim – uniform distortion (lp, zanger van My Morning Jacket)
Jon & The Vons – forget you (7″, op Soundflat)
Lavender Blu – mow the glass (cd en lp, op In The Red; Chris Gunn van The Hunches)
Madball – for the cause (lp)
Make Mine Mondo – v/a (Ace; meer info hier)
Mr Airplane Man – jacaranda blue (lp)
Northern Soul Story – the start of an ers – v/a (2cd, op Jasmine)
Pablo, Augustus – eastman dub (lp)
Planet Beat- from the Shel Talmy vaults – v/a (cd, op Ace. Meer info hier)
Proud Parents – s/t (lp, op Dirtap)
RVG – a quality of mercy (cd en lp)
Sleep – the sciences (lp, NL editie)
This is Trojan Dub – v/a (2cd cheapo)
This is Trojan Roots – v/a (2cd cheapo)
Weekend Starts Here -v/a (lp, op Stag-o-lee)
Williamson, Jess – cosmic wink (lp op Mexican Summer, erg mooi)
Wire – 154/ pink flag/ chairs missing )lp reissues, geremasterde edities)
Yob – our raw heart (cd)

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